The Holy Innocents

holy-innocentsToday we remember the horrible, painful, nasty side of the Christmas story. Today we remember that while one side of the coin of life can be celebration, the other side is pain, torment and anguish.

Today the church around the globe remembers The Holy Innocents. Amongst the time of joy and time with family, we remember today the actions of the evil King Herod who ordered the slaughter of hundreds of children in and around Bethlehem because he was afraid that the rumours of a child king, the Messiah, would put an end to his reign.

I was challenged at a school carol service just before Christmas as my talk did not mention the destruction of hundreds of children then, and now. The parent felt I should be honest. I responded that I don’t gloss over that horrendous act, but that a school carol service is not the correct place or space in time.

Now is that correct space; a time to remember not just the holy innocents of some 2000 years ago …. but a time to remember and pray and do something about the holy innocents of today; those children that today are still slaughtered, still enslaved, still abused, still innocent.

While surfing I happened upon this poem by Malcolm Guite. Well worth a listen as we pray for the holy innocents worldwide today.

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