the value of touch

rcmedia-pics-Tactile3-340x390-1I had the great privilege of being at the cathedral this evening to view the Value of Touch exhibition and for the service of dedication for the bronze tactile plate which Wendy Daws has been creating over the past three years.

The bronze touch interpretation is an amazing work of art … as you would expect as Wendy is an amazingly creative artist.

Good things were said tonight about Wendy’s talent and her desire for justice and accessibility of art and creativity for those with sight impairment. During my time at the cathedral I was fortunate enough to see some of Wendy’s work … but this bronze plate … which you MUST visit to touch …. it is amazing!

I could say more for how touch is important on so many levels as it speaks on a different league of acceptability and compassion … but for now I just feel really honoured to have shared in this tonight.

Thanks Wendy and Helen for the invite …. it was great to be there.

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