pub grace

pub theo copyPub Theo happened again on Monday. Another new collection of people and another new question that I picked up from th high street:

‘If GRACE is real, why do so many bloody Christians have hang ups about what is right and wrong?’ 

It’s very rare that one question keeps us going all night … but on Monday night we had one such night! We batted around the idea of grace, what is grace, how do we experience grace and a mass of other questions. We then seemed to focus on whether grace had conditions.

There was a wonder whether grace had to be accepted and whether that acceptance entailed a change in behaviour, or whether grace was a total free gift with no conditions placed upon it at all.

Whatever of the above two viewpoints we were coming from, we did all seem to agree that grace was an incredibly radical and shockingly undeserved … almost scandalous even!

out_edited-1so …. grace …. undeserved yes …
but an acceptance and a change before it is experienced …
or is it experienced with no strings attached …
what do you think?

NB – the next pub theo will be on Monday 25th November. Bishop Brian (really great Bishop who’s bio is here) will be attending as part of his visit to Gillingham. Put the date in your diaries as I think this could be a really good evening.

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