the re-launch!

Wow …. I’m buzzing after what seemed to be a pretty successful and alive re-launch of pub theo. A short break, some new people, new-ish pub and lots of good conversation combined to make a real fun evening.

pub theologyTopics we looked at included death, terrorism, being true to self and belief, right living vs right belief …. and mixed in with that was a good amount of social talk as people got to know each other … and maybe, just maybe, this little community starts to grow again.

Tonight was a great experience as people shared, discussed, disagreed … and all left after a couple of drinks still being friends. I always wonder after a pub theo why ‘the wider church’ can’t manage to discuss contentious issues in the same respectful way.

The only downside of this evening was that we had to end …. but the next one is only a month away … Monday 28th October – stick that date in your diary.

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