going nowhere slowly … but seeing all the sights

DSC_0188I said my reflections from my time away might take a while to filter through.
Today I have been reflecting a little more on my mission here at home and how my time away has refreshed and challenged that.

Today I described my ‘stage’ in the Gillingham thing as one of a standstill …. like I am hitting my head against a brick wall. It’s bizarre … I have met no less than 8 people who share this vision to have something, some form of Christian presence (I like to talk of a 21st century Abbey … a house of prayer, community, support and hospitality) in the High Street. Even councillors and other professional in the area are supportive. If we had this building tomorrow there are 9 of us that could devote some time to doing something. There is even an empty building that is crying out to be occupied. Interestingly there are only 2 empty buildings in the main part of the High Street … and one would be perfect.

But … frustratingly we wait. I don’t know why …. I’ve been waiting since September …. and i must admit to being tired of waiting …. but wait we must.

And then I thought of my time in Seattle while listening to a Frank Turner track (langauge warning … don’t click if offended by the ‘f’ word and ignore the last 2 lines …. of course I don’t subscribe to the last 2 lines!) on my travels this evening.

There is something about living in the moment, not worrying too much about the destination and enjoying the sights of the journey that I think is important and has possibly become something I have missed or forgotten. I mentioned in my last paost how I had noticed a better work life balance. I think what I was struck by mor was the great allowance i think i observed of simply letting the moment be the moment.

Maybe I am talking crap here (it has been a long day) and I am pretty much thinking aloud. But …. despite my frustrations of lack of movement, and in the words of Frank Turner, I am going nowhere slowly …. but I am seeing all the sights.

Sights of God at work, sights of the Kingdom breaking through very slowly into the community of Gillingham. Sights of love, care and compassion amongst certain persons. Gillingham is a place riddled with cracks. Buildings and people are literally falling apart …. and yet it is through those cracks that I observe something fresh, exciting and infectious …. maybe unsettling and challenging yet strangely familiar and warming.

So I am still tired of waiting, I still think we need a building …. but I am happy in the certainty that God is just as much fully in the journey and the sights as God is fully in the final destination.

Does that make sense?
Now …. give us that flipping building!!!

6 thoughts on “going nowhere slowly … but seeing all the sights

  1. this blog post reminded me of my favorite Damien Rice line, “But I’m not a miracle and you’re not a saint just another soldier on a road to nowhere.” The song is called Amie, it is lovely. Continue on.

  2. What about a pop up shop. Shop owners quite like these. Even seen them on regent st. Needs to be quirky, even fun, but given your talents thats not hard.
    It also kind of prove the use to the land owners.

  3. todays blog seems to tie into the idea that actually fullness of life is found in the journey together as much as any point of destination! My brain sometimes finds that hard, as we have a utopian view of an idyllic future, involving both place and person. But to relax into the journey, and to enjoy, take in, give to and rest in the here and now is crucial as the present moment is, and continues to be, our opportunity to fully connect with God

    • it is it is … i fully agree …. but it’s so flipping painfully boring just relaxing in the journey …. although I love your terminology! 🙂

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