getting stuff done!

cofwd2502Recently, and through a mutual friend, I discovered coFWD. I like the website and love the vision. I like the website because it is clean, but what really excites me about this place is the vision:

‘coFWD is a self managed, independent community of people united by one common purpose – getting stuff done. Venture through the doors of our old bank building at the end of Rochester High Street and you’ll find an eclectic mix of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines.

Together we’re building a community where people are encouraged to share and develop ideas, roll up their sleeves and get plans and projects off the ground.’

Too often I seem to sit in meetings where people, including myself, talk about doing stuff, and then talk more …. and more …. but actually getting things done and working together to help each other get things done seems to be what drives the community of coFWD … and that’s an exciting thing to see! 

I am part of a group that has  something of a similar vision for Gillingham … watch this space (or get in touch if interested!)

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