Burma Update

UntitledOften we can think that because Aung Sang Suu Kyi has been freed, that the situation is Burma is now ok. It’s better, but is worth remembering that when Suu Kyi ws recently asked where Burma now as on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of democracy, she replied ‘working towards 1’. This is the latest update from Burma Campaign UK. Please write the letter if you feel able .. it won’t take long, but will make a massive difference. Thanks.

Dear friend

Political Prisoner jailed since 1999 must be freed!

There are still hundreds of political prisoners in Burma’s jails and all the repressive laws that put them in prison still remain in place.

Aung Naing is an activist from Burma, and he is a son of U Kyaw Min, who is a former political prisoner.  In 1999, Aung Naing was arrested for his involvement in a student protest the previous year. He was falsely accused of possessing drugs and charged under the Narcotics Act. He was sentenced to 26 years in prison with hard labour in Insein Prison. Take action to free Aung Naing here.

In 2005, his family members, including his father, were arrested and Aung Naing was put on trial again along with his family. They all were charged with two counts including under Section 18 of the 1982 Citizenship Law with the accusation of obtaining Burmese citizenship and concealing their Rohingya origins. The entire family is from the Rohingya ethnic minority group.

The Citizenship Law introduced by General Ne Win in 1982 is not compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or with Burma’s legal obligations under international treaties. It arbitrarily stripped many people in Burma of the right to citizenship.

According to the verdict from the 2005 trial, 17 more years were added to Aung Naing’s existing 26-year prison sentence. However, due to a Presidential amnesty, Aung Naing received a reduction on his prison sentence to 17 years. His family were released in 2012 but he still remains in jail. According to his family members, he has been suffering from heart problems and he urgently needs an eye operation.

Please write to British Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire MP asking him to take action to secure the immediate release of Aung Naing and for the release of all of Burma’s remaining political prisoners:

Thank you.
Wai Hnin
Burma Campaign UK

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