the week in a day

8772172-bread-and-chalice-with-wine-shallow-dof-copy-spaceI had a great day today. Sometimes some days are just a privilege to be part of. Today was one of those days. For 4 hours per week I am chaplain at St Mary Island School. I don’t think I do a lot other than be around and support people who need supporting, but the school seem to be happy with how I work.

Today the school held an RE day on the subject of Easter. The idea was to present the whole of Holy Week through various activities in one day. Each class in the school was timetable to mov from activity to activity – the logistics of this being a massive challenge and I think, Fi, the member of staff that organised this deserves a medal.

In the planning stage I agreed to take on the Thursday of Holy Week and explore the last supper through taste and smell. To try to encourage exploration, and after consultation with Sarah,  I set up two rooms.

In one room we considered Mary washing the feet of Jesus. Beforehand I set up oils burners and a scented candle in the room so that when the pupils entered they were hit with a waft of perfume smell. We used this image to look at and wondered what different people in the painting were thinking. There were some amazing interpretations. FRom this we thought about what was precious to us and what precious thing we might share with those we cared about.

The other room was set up to look at the sharing of the bread and wine. A video clip introduced the subject and then the children, guided ably by Richard and Jamie (thank you) visited different stations involving eating bread, drinking (non alcoholic) wine, as well as other activities to help them focus on some parts of the meaning of the meal, such as giving thanks, remembrance, forgiveness and friendship.

I have been amazed at some of the stuff and insights that the children have come up with, and some of the stuff seems to have challenged the adults to think as well. Today has just been a really exciting day … I foolishly started to think I wouldn’t mind returning to teaching …. but I’ve seen Sarah’s paperwork again so I remembered that I don’t really!

As I said … some days are just a privilege to be a part of  … today was one of those days.

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