going where people are …

imgresIn Medway, as in many other areas, the boot fair season is about to open.

Thousands of people each Sunday morning will drive past many churches and worshipping communities to connect with other ‘searchers’ as they wander along corridors of peoples stories looking to add something to theirs.

Maybe many of us look at this behaviour each year and think people are simply looking for bargains. That is obviously part of the reason, but I also think people go because they like getting together with other people. This is a developing community where conversations and relationships can develop over weeks.

Wherever I see lots of people gathering on a regular basis I start to wonder how we may  develop something that fits which will give opportunities for people to explore and experience faith and spirituality.

For the past few years regular SHP reders will be aware of my involvement with Dekhomai at MBS fairs and Rochester Cathedral during Sweeps and Dickens festival.

I’m quite excited to be able to share that with Sue Kerr, the other pioneer minister in this area, we are developing a couple of teams that can run a Dekhomai type thing in a boot fair setting. We will be aiming to be present on a Sunday morning, simply engaging with people but also offering prayer for healing, Jesus Deck readings, and so on.

We will be holing a training session sometime after Easter, so if you have worked with us before at Sweeps or Dickens or would like to explore joining in with this exciting project that please get in touch.

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