pub theo on the move

urlPub theo was kind of re-born last night. Maybe not so much re-born as starting to look for a new place. last night that place was The Canterbury Tales in Gillingham which people seemed to feel comfortable in and worked well for our discussion. (The beer was well kept and reasonably priced too!)

There was a lot of social catch up as this group have not really had a chance to catch up since November and the discussion was as diverse as ever, from random acts of kindness to the morality banks charging interest (interestingly Islamic banks don’t …) hell, commandments and so on. I think we also touched on gay mariage which seems to regularly be something people want to talk about.

All in all this was a good night. The only down side was we had planned a pub crawl theo, simply because we need to find a new pub in Gillingham and there are a number of options. The crap weather, however, meant that the overwhelming majority wanted to stay put. So … the next pub theo may be at The canterbury tales and may be elsewhere. Watch this space! Maybe we will become pop up pub theo …. try saying that after the third pint!

I did love the atmosphere last night though. The group seems to have gelled well and enjoys being with each other. two of our regular people were not there last night and we kind of missed them. I now need to wait a few more weeks for the highlight of my month, which is what the people of pub theo have become.

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