the real thing ….

urlPart of my role of being Priest Missioner of the Deanery means that I get around a few churches. Last week I was snowballed in St Mark’s while this week I presided and preached at the Eucharist and Healing service at St Mary Magdalene. 

My sermon came from the lectionary test for the day of Luke 4 : 14 – 21. As I have mulled this over during the week I think something new hit me, mainly that Christ seemed to be saying in these words that to receive from God you need to be aware that you have a need. If you believe you are all sorted and together and ‘near perfect’ then God cannot help.

I suggested that people outside church were not aware God was ‘for’ them because they had an idea that God, and church, was only for sorted and perfect and good people. I wondered whether this might be because quite a lot of us in church pretend that we are together and all right, rather than being honest about our fears, our struggles and our failings.

I wondered whether if we could be more real about the reality of our lives that people might be more genuinely interested in the God we follow? A God, that Jesus suggests in these words, are the underdogs, the struggling, the needy. I suggested the words of Jesus demanded this honesty and vulnerability and realness from us.

As I think about going out this week and meeting people again …. I simply continue to wonder as I try to be real with God, myself and others

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