Leaping Lord!

leaping-at-sunsetOver the last five years I have come to love some of the language of Common Worship Daily Office. I find the space for contemplation and meditation stills me and allows me to notice what I would otherwise be missing, even in my un-busy life of loitering with intent.

Today I said Evening Prayer within the walls of Cookham Wood prison in the multi faith space. No one else was present, and praying while in the prison is something I obviously do whenever I am there.

The words of the refrain for the magnificat really hit me today … full on in the face, it was like a wave crashing and sweeping me off my feet with both the exhilaration and fear for your life that goes with that experience.  I was challenged by the beauty and excitement of the language, which spoke with wild freedom in a place where every single door is always locked.

When peaceful silence lay over all,
and night was in the midst of her swift course:
from your royal throne, O God, down from the heavens,
leapt your almighty Word.

Isn’t that language amazing. We rightly think of the coming of Christ as this 9 month slow but painful journey which we read of in the gospels. This refrain gives a whole other side to the incarnation …. when all was still, when we were not expecting it, Christ leapt down from the heavens to experience creation as we do. The deliberate purposefulness of the language is striking. This was no second plan or impetuous decision … this was planned and deliberate.

It is still Christmas … God has leapt into this world …. to restore us … to experience our humanity … so that we might share the life of his divinity.

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