and then we listen …

IMG_6380Following from yesterday, I was struck today by the memory that not all Christians have developed with this split between spirit and body. Celtic Christianity speaks of ‘listening to the heartbeat of God’ by noticing and being conscious of the presence of God within creation.

I was walking today with a friend and we were discussing worship. This person had a desire to teach and show the people she works with that worship is not restricted to a special place. As we walked along a rubbish filled noisy Gillingham street I became acutely aware that we were walking on holy ground.

If we believe God is omnipresent, and orthodox Christianity teaches this to be the case, then there are no God vacuums within creation. God is everywhere, God walks everywhere and although some places may seem like ‘thin places‘ due to a heightened awareness of God, that does not dismiss the security and challenge of omnipresence. Not all places are thin places, but all places are God places, all ground is holy.

Thin spaces for me personally are places near the sea. While on retreat I sat in the pitch dark and listened to the sea. The presence of God in that experience was tangible. I’m interested in other’s experience of locations and where they connect with God? Is it possible to find thin spaces in an urban setting, for example?

This advent I am going to try and be more conscious in my travelling of the holiness of the places that I tread.


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