a new day … a new week

Monday was a different day.
A while a go (when I was 18 .. so an age ago!) a good friend gave me a framed print of the saying ‘Today is the First day of the Rest of Your Life’.
Today has felt like that day.
A few things have contributed to this.
Today I cycled to GIllingham rather than drive and in some odd way felt more connected with my surroundings.
I cycled to morning prayer at St Mary Magdalene as I have become acutely aware of how I have missed this reflective/contemplative simple start with others to my day.
Today I loitered in 3 places and in each place there was some form of engagement or discussion.
In those places my coffee was being served before I had a chance to sit down … a possible sign of being welcomed maybe?
Monday was a new day … I wonder what will happen today.

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