I am golden!

The gathering got together yesterday afternoon to think about our identities. After Sharon creatively got us to think about what society says about image and identity through collage and other things we listened to the words of Psalm 139 and were struck by …

Lord, you created my insides, you built me and put me together inside my mother’s womb. I will praise you because that thought is scary and is wonderful. The things you have made and done are amazing.

In our reverb time  we chatted around people being good at things and then it hit us that we had drifted from the point. One of the children earlier described himself as ‘golden’ in his collage and, and as we re-read the Psalm we realised how spot on he was. The Psalmist seemed to be reminding us that we are amazing, wonderful, created by God …. and, yes, golden not because of what we can or cannot do. We are golden simple because we are. It’s not about what we do, but it is about who we are. We are created amazingly. We are created golden!

In light of that, as we shared bread and wine together we used the words ‘become what you are‘ as we acknowledged our true identity in and from God our creator.

It was a pretty exciting afternoon for the gathering!

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