an olympic chaplain ….

It’s been am amazing week – but then you have probably guessed that by the lack of action here on SHP.

I am one of the volunteer chaplains at The Olympics covering a couple of venues. My role is to support and be available to the workforce and volunteers that are giving up their time to help ensure that ‘the games’ run smoothly. The days are quiet varied – although I am in the same venues the number of volunteers and shift patterns means I meet an come alongside a great variety of people.

I have met loads of people, had loads of conversations, been surprised, been humbled and found myself in some amazing situations and places. Some of these I will share a little more of after the Olympics have concluded. In every conversation or encounter I have had (and there have probably been over 50 already) people are really ‘touched’ or ‘intrigued’ that there is a chaplain on site for them. Everyone has been pleasantly surprised rather than suspicious and we are quickly being seen as a support to people.

One particular highlight of last week was being one of the lucky people to attend the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Stadium. It was stunning … I can say that now as we are past Friday and you have all seen it. I came away thinking ‘Danny Boyle is a genius’. The sound, smell and atmosphere did not really relay that well through a TV screen but it was still exciting to watch at home.

The next two weeks I will be continuing as a chaplain at the Olympics and really can’t believe how cool and exciting this role is. The role is rewarding, I love meeting new people and being a listening ear and being … well … a chaplain to them … and for the next two weeks I’m part of the Olympic Family! Wow!!!

2 thoughts on “an olympic chaplain ….

  1. Hi Rob,

    I’m hoping you remember me from the good ol’ days at New Brompton/GYFC. I’m now HOD for RE/Citizenship/PSHE at Rochester Maths and am teaching on Christians in Sport. I was wondering whether you’d be able to come and speak to my Year 11s about being a Chaplain for the Olympics at all? Just an idea ..

    Thank you,

    Esther Cook

    • its possible depending on day / time you are looking at … maybe email or message me on FB (Brad is a friend!) to talk details …. don’t want to leave my email or mobile here or it will be spammed

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