the weekend ….

The weekend was a good and varied one.
Tom started work at Bluewater.
Beth went shopping with Sarah to buy things that newly 16 year old girls buy. I sit somewhat stunned to think Beth is now 16. We left Nailsea a few months before she was born … and that only seems like a little while ago.
A lot of work was done on the allotment. I managed around 15 hours from Friday night to Sunday afternoon and so a lot was done. One of my new allotment friends, a great guy called Dave, also did a massive amount on my plot while I was at the cathedral on Sunday morning and it is really starting to look like an allotment plot rather than a jungle with a few vegetables growing here and there. dave has achieved in 1 day what it would have taken me weeks to do – the generosity of people is an amazing thing!

The main highlight of the weekend was, however, celebrating a good friends birthday on Saturday night in Maidstone with a good group of friends. We went to MuMu in Maidstone which was simply an amazing experience and a beautifully wonderful place to spend an evening. The experience was amazing, as was the food and the service and the staff were fantastic. If you need a great place for a celebration then go to MuMu!! I hope we can return in the not too distant future.

But for now …. it’s Monday … tell me why ….

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