Be aware

I have been reading more of Developing Consciousness. Actually I ahve read a few more pages because the book really demands that I out it down, contemplate and put some stufff into action. After accepting I am in the right place, Vesey encourages me to become aware of what I am already aware of.

Vesey explains this by asking his reader ‘what does it mean to see? To really see, not just to look an observe, but to take in the marvellousness of sight. The miracle of seeing. Th wonders of colours, of light and shade, of shapes and contours ….we might really see if we are in exceptional circumstances, but most of the time we are just looking as to what is going to come next’.

My consciousness, my awareness, my ‘seeing’ seems to have become functional. I prayer walk a couple of times a week around Rochester. I remembered as I was reading Vesey’s view here that I used to take my camera on my prayer walk. Because I had the camera I noticed cours and shade, i heard birds singing, I was aware of smells … simply because I was looking, listening and sniffing them out. On my walks with my camera I saw a lot more, I noticed patterns, and came back with questions based on my observation and assault on my senses from everythign around me.

I have not had my camera with me for a little while, and I have noticed that I have been noticing less. My observation has become functional; I look to see where I am going, to avoid obstacles and to ensure a safe arrival. My journey around the streets of Rochester has become bland and sterile. It has become so, because I have stopped looking, listening and noticing.

The last 2 days I have attempted to wander in a more alert state and really notice what is around me. On the allotment I have noticed the smell of the fresh earth exploding as weeds are pulled up has filled my mind with the scent of promise and potential. On passing though the cathedral I have noticed the walls have come alive again as the sun and colour has danced from window to window and stone to stone, and been conscious that this has been so for hundreds of years, connecting me with those that have gone before, and those that will come in the future. In Deaf Cat I have noticed the combination of chilled tunes caressing my ears with the aroma of seriously good freshly ground coffee permeating my nasal passages enticing me to stay in good company that little bit longer.

The days have come alive as I have noticed the beauty of the completeness of God’s creation. Today has been such a rich day as I have noticed so much more beauty around me as I have used my sense to listen … really try and listen.

Vesey says: real wealth lies in our ability to appreciate our experience. I think he may have something there!

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