rhythm service

It was a real pleasure, honour and exciting to join with Moot last night for their annual Rhythm of Life service.

Moot were great at their normal hospitality and welcome, the Bishop of London was very encouraging in his words.

As the community made their commitments to the the rhythm of life there were two particularly poignant and challenging moments. Each person of Moot knelt before the bishop, was handed a cross and then the Bishop prayed for them individually. This was a very powerful moment of mutual commitment to pray and journey together.

This was followed by the Bishop giving Ian his licence as priest in charge of St Mary Aldermary. I observed two friends in the faith sharing something deep and moving; a moment of trust, acceptance, encouragement and commissioning. As I looked around I found it was not only myself fighting to keep back tears at this very special moment.

So … continue to hold Moot in your prayers … and Moot   – thank you for allowing us to travel with you as well! On a personal note to be back at Moot was special … and I must get back in the routine of joining more often!

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