God and weed!

We’ve joked about the title of today’s post while wondering who such a title might attract and whether it was wise as I hope to continue to work in the diocese beyond September! The weeds refer, initially, to the weeds of the allotment while god refers to … well God!

Once a month chapter meets and on those mornings I stay at home and pray. A few years ago I went on retreat with the Northumbria Community for a week. They set me the task of weeding and planting potatoes as I prayed and listened to God. So … this week I have conducted my own mini retreat / quiet space on the allotment while weeding.

I have noticed in particular that having a fairly mindless and repetitive task to complete over an hour or two seems to free the mind from clutter and creates space to reflect. I felt a great symbolic sense that as I was clearing a patch of ground to reveal bare soil so I was clearing the weeds of thought and personal opinions that have allowed to develop and hide or disguise or prevent the development of new ideas.

While contemplating and weeding I developed a prayer:

As I clear this space
remove the clutter from my mind.
As I extract these weeds
unload those deep rooted thoughts and opinions
that are asphyxiating  growth and maturation.
As I expose fresh soil
return me to the naked space of creativity.
In this crisp original arena
propagate the unseasoned seeds of dreams.

I’m finding that weeding with God is a really valuable experience. if you’d like to try out a mini retreat in this space then get in touch – this could be easily arranged.

4 thoughts on “God and weed!

    • how could you even think such a thing … of course … I am also offering a unique opportunity to connect with God in a practical way!
      I will be offering planting too!

  1. “We’ve joked about the title of today’s post while wondering who such a title might attract…”

    Well it attracted me. I didn’t realise it was a joke until I started reading the article.

    To set the record straight, ‘weed’ (Marijuana) is just another one of natures bounties like apples and beans and consumed occasionally in moderation will have a beneficial effect on your life and bring you closer to God. Consume too much and it will be detrimental, just like eating too much of one fruit will give you the runs or too many beans will give you flatulence.

    Next time you’re out in the veggie patch ask Him if there’s a reason why we shouldn’t enjoy all that we’ve been given…

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