you must ….

Jon at ASBO Jesus has hit something on the head with this cartoon. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at I read it …. but I do know that it gives me a sicky feeling which is coupled with a great desire to shout ‘NO!’

I seem to have come across a lot of people over the last couple of months who have this strong view of church … a view that church is a place that breeds robots that all think the same, speak the same and believe the same. There is a strong image of church ‘out there’ that believes chrch is a place where you are told what to think and how to behave. Personally, that whole image scares me to death! I don’t believe the language of Christ, and therefore the language of church, ever included ‘you must’ … unless it involves the two greatest commandments as set out by Jesus when asked  ..’to love  God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind ….. and to love others as you love yourself’. They are musts.

But … we need not agree, we need not think the same, we need not worship the same, …. that makes me think more of The Borg, not the life of a follower of Christ! The Borg (fictional I know!!!) are feared because there is no individuality with a focussed goal of perfection through assimilation. Followers of Christ, the church, are about individuals using their God given gifts to transform their communities and LOVE!

I feel a sermon brewing…. so I’m ending there to reflect!

6 thoughts on “you must ….

  1. I would find it hard to find 2 Christians who have exactly the same doctrine. I believe one of the real strengths and validations of Christianity is its openness to questions and variety of details in belief. It reflects the variety in humanity. Dogmatism is for those under the law, not grace and may reflect an insecurity in their relationship with Christ. And of course the leaders who have a hidden agenda of holding power and control…

  2. the real beauty of finding our identity in Christ is that you become increasingly free to be the person you were always meant to be; the person created exactly as the Father Creator meant us to be. so no – no identikit Christians – a growing and maturing family of individuals

  3. Wow. A couple of months ago I posted “Ready for the Risk” which was bred out of being ‘told’ (or suggested!) what I should be doing or must do. I so relate to this post! So much (if not all) of the joy of the journey is stolen from us with that attitude and the idea of cookie-cutter believers bore me to tears! I can’t think of a anything better than in our unity still celebrating our diversity.

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