10 to 12 .. watching from the sidelines

Days 10 to 12 of the placement have been pretty quiet i guess. I mixture of morning prayer, visiting, listening, planning, preaching and presiding alongside maintaining contact with my new friends and people in Rochester.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of preaching and presiding at the church plant on the Davis estate in Chatham. The informality of this service, while still following ‘the rules’ is something more towards what I believe lots of people are looking for. The real privilege yesterday, though, was a conversation with an older lady who had just visited the Davis estate church 3 times. This was the first time she had taken communion for nearly 30 years. When I asked her how it felt she said, ‘it was special, like coming home.’ To have been able to play a small and insignificant step in helping this lady reconnect with her God was really the highlight of the week. I believe this experience happened because God was calling this woman back … and on this occasion I was able to stand on the sidelines and watch what was happening.

It’s experiences like these that make ministry so so exciting! It’s seeing peoples lives being changed or encounters occurring – not because of anything I or we do, but because there is a God in the world who is always acting in peoples lives. I guess a lot of the time we simply don’t notice … if I had not had the opportunity to speak with that lady after the service I would be none the wiser! As it stands, this one chance encounter reminds me that this is why I was ordained!


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