day 1

So I have completed the first day of my parish placement. There has been lots to think about which is useful, and today was an experience of planned stuff and the unexpected …. such as needing to do a school eucharist at 10 minutes notice – which was the part of the day which really ‘energised’ me and the part that I enjoyed the most.

I have a number of reflections and thoughts on today:

… the poignancy of using the Ash Wednesday liturgy, ‘remember from dust you came and to dust you will return‘ in the setting of a local hospice really challenged me, nearly to a point of tears … reminding me that God may be found in all situations and all settings

… the internal struggle I felt when entering my fifth communion and ash service of the day while my being was screaming that I have spent too much time in church and not enough time with people outside … conforming my calling as a pioneer I guess

… the real privilege I felt while presiding at a eucharist in a local academy with Year 8 students. I have already pretty much said this was the highlight of the day … it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to engage with a group of young people and seeing the struggle and inquisitiveness of the faces of these young people was a wonder … reminding me of how much I love working with young people, which I think I may have forgotten!

and the joy of seeing 2 friends at St Stephen’s this evening that I have not seen for some 12 years … confirming within me my simple love of being with people, particularly listening to their stories and learning about them ….

So … the placement is maybe reminding me of things, maybe challenging me on things and maybe even confirming some things  As I look to the future I hope this experience will guide me … I guess only time will tell

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