where is Jesus?

the gathering happened last night and we asked the question ‘where’s Jesus’ which was a question prompted from looking at the first

chapter of John’s gospel. We mulled around the idea that these people had been waiting so long for the messiah, that they had been looking and waiting  – and yet when he was there they didn’t actually recognise him. That possibly had something to do with Jesus not quite being the sort of person they expected.

We also thought more about v14 where John taks about ‘the word’ dwelling with us – or, a better translation, ‘pitched his tent with us’. There was something in that statement about God choosing to live with us, but also to move with us …. the whole pitching the tent thing in a nomadic lifestyle could suggest that as you pick up tent and move, then Christ moves with you.

This challenged us as a group to ask ‘so what?’ – as in what difference does this make to us in our normal, run of the mill, everyday lives. I think we were challenged to be aware of where Christ is today, and by that meaning how can we join with Christ and how can we ‘allow’ Christ to pitch his trent with us or dwell with us. Not sure we got there but we are still thinking … but part of that must be that we slow down and notice Christ around us. I shared that, personally, I try to end my day with an Examen type activity. I notice far too often that I have missed something of God in the everyday as I reflect on my day. I am frustrated at my ‘blindness’ and simply pray I could notice more at the time!

So, this week, I think the gathering is asking the question as they wander in their normal lives. ‘where is Jesus now?’ – you might like to join us …

2 thoughts on “where is Jesus?

  1. Rob… You know he’s everywhere, in everyone we meet and in everything we do, I have lost count of the number of times I have seen someone, witnessed something, or been a part of the ordinary only to suddenly reflect on the moment passed and think of it whith an ever present god giving me a little nudge. I know you have those moments too…
    By the Way , like the use of pip’s picture…did you ever find yourself ? ( you can consider that a shallow or a deep question !) Darren

  2. yeh, I agree and I think that is what I was saying …. but it’s ok to notice and say ‘he’s everywhere’ ….. but what we were trying to pull out was what actual difference does this make to how we live?

    and yes … bottom left hand corner!

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