a special day …

Today I had the privilege of saying goodbye to John, a very special and unique man. I have only known John for around 2 years but in that time I have got to know and love him. He was very much a larger than life character and a character that was so obviously interested in people.

I remember my first time of seeing John. I was sat alone in the Deaf Cat, knowing very few people. John sat opposite me, told me he didn’t believe in religion and we chatted for a couple of hours. That’s the sort of guy he was …. interested in everyone or anyone.

Today a smile came to many faces as his fleet of classic cars pulled up, tears flowed as we heard some amazing singing voices and remembered moments. Amongst this, however, was a lot of laughter … unusual for a funeral …. but John would have loved it. I believe John did love it.

John will be missed by loads of friends, his family and most of all by Bet … Larger than life characters like John leave behind wonderful memories, but also big gaps … if you are the praying sort please offer a prayer for those left behind,  if you are not then please hold them in your thoughts.

Today was a special day for a very special man ….

1 thought on “a special day …

  1. I am sorry to hear that you lost a friend. The fleet of cars sounds like a fitting tribute to a man who was larger than life and one who left his mark on the people he met. I will remember his family and loved ones in prayer at this time.

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