something of the uncreated …

As you will know we are now into the season of Advent. I think Advent is my favourite season, a time when we think about waiting and preparation and a time that is rich, or  pregnant, with imagery.

There are lots of things out there to help us have a richer Advent journey. Last year I followed Maggis Dawn’s Beginnings and Endings which was excellent. A couple of years ago I followed  Disturbing Complacency and I am using that again this year. There are also some great advent resources here.

The readings so far have encouraged and challenged me to think about the body / spirit split we have created. The split that tells us the ‘flesh’ or body is temporary and unimportant  while the spirit is where it really happens and is to take precedence over the body. The same thinking leads to the thought that the created world is unimportant and ok to strip of its resources with no thought for creation or others dependant upon it.

I think he whole idea is crap really … God created all of me and although I might not like my ageing body, God created it and says he will redeem all of me … not just some whispy bit that happens to float around inside me! Interestingly in the Lords’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us to pray for our physical needs first before then moving on to our spiritual needs.

A quote that grabbed me this morning from J Philip Newell was : ‘within creation there is something of the presence of the uncreated’.

It is easy to look at that quote and think simply about nature, wider creation and the beauty of sunsets, waves or the amazing moon scenes. It is eassy to look at them and say ‘wow’ there is soemthing of the ‘uncreated’, something of ‘God’ in that scene.

But God created all …. humanity as well …. you and me … and even that person we do not like very much of feel very uncomfortable in the presence of …. there is something of the uncreated, of God, in all of us.

This week I ask a little harder that I might recognise that in both myself and others.

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