the entrepreneur week

I have not blogged really about the Missional Entrepreneurship week away in Devon. There is difficulty with where to start. The quality of the input was excellent, the discussions were meaty and sometimes heated and the conversations were enlightening as we, as missioners or pioneers or whatever people wish to label us, grappled with ideas of how to ensure sustainability for the mission or expression of church that we are involved in.

I particularly welcomed and was inspired by the input of Steve and Shannon who simply see things very differently to myself. This, as far as I am concerned, is always a good thing. I like to be challenged and pushed beyond my comfort zone and it is even better when that is happening in an environment with other creative people.

The week has been challenging and brain exercising. I guess the basic idea was simple and one we all related to: a missional entrepreneur is someone who sees the gap, innovates and get the resources to make something happen. In that sense,  we were all in understanding; how to get the resources, particularly in the current climate, is a subject that needs lots of thought.

I can’t remember who said this, but it may have been Jonny, –  that we struggle with business or entrepreneur ideas and language because we understand mission as operating in a gift economy. God freely gives of himself and we freely share the gift that God has given. Personally I feel uncomfortable just thinking about the possibility of losing that outlook but am starting to see possibilities that allow this to happen with integrity that maintain a philosophy of the gift economy.

I have a vison, some ideas …. anyone want to invest? 😉

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