… space …

Due to one thing or another I have fallen behind in keeping up to date with my blog reader. No real excuse, other than I seem to be feeling very tired and quite unenthusiastic for many things at the moment. My writing here is becoming sporadic; I have a desire to write, but do not feel I have anything valid to say at this particular point in time. It’s not a painful or  bad space to be in …. it’s simply a nothing space I guess! But …. I am a firm believer that ides need space to be birthed into …. so I am waiting!

There is some good stuff out there which I have been pleased to catch up with over the past few days.

Near the top of the list is a great Nomad podcast interview with Tom Wright … well worth a listen. He says some good things about the future …. some people who were quite freaked at pub theology a while back about some views of the future might benefit from listening to Wright’s podcast.

There is also a great series here from Jonny Baker … again well worth a read.

If you are looking for a great Bible resource then people up there in Nottingham have come up with Bibledex. This looks pretty good with a short video introduction to each book of the Bible. I’m sure there are lots of ways to make use of this …. if only I was still a youth worker!

While I inhabit this temporary stage of confusion and un-creativity, I have found the photos of Den and the creations of Zara to be both inspiring and restorative of my faith in the creativity of people.

An I can’t forget Naked Pastor … he keeps me sane and makes me laugh … especially on October 19th!

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