consumed by truth

Some people have the gift of praying amazing prayers with poetic language that sometimes transports you to heaven! Neil Thompson, our precentor, is one of those people. Neil led the daily office this morning and during the prayers he said something that I have been mulling over for the last hour and a half or so … and which I will take into my day today.

I cannot now remember the exact words but the essence was something like:

‘Lord, let us not be overly focussed on finding truth, but let our lives be consumed by truth’

A simple line, in a simple prayer, but with great volume and amplitude that seems to penetrate the soul.

As I consider this, lots of questions flood into the mind:
‘what is truth?’
‘surely truth is in Christ?’
‘but what about this …?’
‘…or that?’

I have written, no doubt many times, that people’s infatuation with defining, and seemingly great desire to protect, the truth are at the root of a lot of the disunity problems and arguments within the church, maybe even within the world. Certainly, the outspoken supporters of some of the arguments boomeranging around the church at this time do not, on occasions, seem to reflect the love of God which surely will be obvious wherever truth exists?

In my mind, and I acknowledge I have a good chance of being completely wrong, wherever truth exists there must also be love. If, as Christians, we believe God is truth … well God is love too … so both must go together.

What is truth?
I don’t know?
I’m not sure it is even definable or understandable!
But … whatever truth is …. I want my life to be consumed by it!

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