meet skye

So … our life has changed!

Today I drove to Reading to collect Skye, an 8 month old border collie, who needed a new home.

I met a lovely family who were needing to give Skye up for perfectly good reasons and I did feel quite emotional for them as I drove away with their lovely dog.

Skye has been an immediate hit with everybody in the house but I think she is still in a major sulk with me as I am seen as the person that took her away from her lovely home. I’m sure she’ll see me as a friend soon.

This evening we went for a walk with Skye and were amazed to see how beautiful the Medway skyline can look during sunset. Going for a walk at that time of day is not something we would naturally do. but now it is going to become a bit of a habit. I’m quite excited to see what things I will notice as the seasons pass. It was also a joy to walk with Skye, who is amazingly good on the lead … lots of adventures ahead I think!

Watch this space …. (but regular readers don’t worry …. SHP is not about to become all doggy diary and stuff!)

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