travelling together

(great photo from Ed Hall)

Yesterday I traveled to London with Meghan (a great person from COTA spending 3 weeks with us) to meet up with Ian who is my mentor.

We chatted about a lot of stuff and it was a really beneficial time to me as I shared stuff with Ian and listened to his wisdom and take on things. Yesterday we spoke about where the gathering is at, the possible future and what we may need to think about to enable that future to happen. We chatted a fair bit about our identity as the gathering and how this could be aided in its formation with our rhythm of life. It was a great 90 minutes and I felt energised at the end of the time.

Time with Ian in this way causes me to reflect on what is happening and helps me to notice stuff that I would not normally have noticed if I did not reflect. It is also a good time to ‘think aloud’ stuff I am thinking for the future.

As Meghan was shadowing me with good questions it caused me to think through why I value this relationship so much.

At times through my work Ian has been a lifeline that has kept me sane. At those times when I have felt no one else really ‘gets’ what I am doing or what I am tying to achieve – it has been a real support to meet with Ian and not have to explain what I am about or try to justify my existence.

At times when I have been so up myself, believing I am the only one who has it right, that I know more than I know, or that I want things to happen, but only on my terms – it has been the realistic, honest and sometimes blunt words of Ian that have helped me regain a realistic and accurate outlook.

At times when I have thought of selling out/giving up and doing something a lot easier it has been the godly words of Ian that have reminded me of what I am called to and of my awareness that it was never going to be easy.

The value of a good mentor is priceless. I can really say that I am still here and still sane because of the time others, notably Ian, have invested in me as a person and friend.

Having a good mentor who is not afraid to be honest is a privilege and is one that I really value …. if you don’t have I would really recommend you search one out!

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