politics and faith

Yesterday was an end of an era as KCME, our formal post ordination training program, came to an end. We are the final year of the course in its current format and we ended in style with a tour of the houses of parliament, eucharist in The chapel of St Mary Undercroft and lunch with Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the chaplain to the Speaker of the House.

I have been happy to complain about KCME, but credit where credit is due – this was a great and well planned day to end the course with – so thanks need to go to Chris, Chris and Trevor.

It was a fascinating day, and the experience fo eucharist in St mary Undercroft was amazing – even for a pioneer like me that usually is pretty oblivious to grandness of the surroundings in which I do my ‘stuff’.

It was also a pleasure to meet Rose who became Speakers Chaplain just over a year ago. It was interesting to hear her story and her commitment to be unembarrassed and pro-active about the gospel in the setting of politics and parliament.

I believe Christians need to be involved in the politics of our country (that will not surprise any of you!) and it is great to know that Rose is there, leading our MP’s in prayer each day and getting alongside all those working within Parliament. Please remember to pray for her as she develops this exciting ministry.

Oh yeah … I wanted to make a quip at those leaders and organisations that say our faith is being persecuted in this country …. and yet the Houses of Parliament have a chaplain …. but to bring that up would be shallow and cheap of me !!

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