apocalyptic adbusters

I don’t read many magazines, but by far my favourite, which I subscribe to, is Adbusters. I love the style of writing, the feel of the mag and the challenge. I love that it’s not just a mag like other mags full of adverts from companies we pretend are doing us good when we all know that they are ripping us off and harming the world in the process.

This issue has the theme of ‘apocalyptic boredom’ taking a theme that has been the subject of many a film that seems to have been around recently.

This quote from page 7 grabbed me:

‘very few people know that the original greek translation of ‘apocalypse’ means ‘lifting the veil’ or ‘revelation’ … a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.

Far from being a horrible experience, apocalypse represents the revealing of the true nature of things. It ushers in an era of forgotten freedoms and unprecedented clarity. This ‘lifting of the veil will set us free from the misery that has been the result of our ignorance.’

It strikes me that the greek definition is a definition of hope, a definition of freedom and definition worth looking forward to. The other night at pub theology one thing someone raised was a question of why Christians are so obsessed with who, at the end, will be kept out of heaven and who will be included.

I believe that comes from a misunderstanding of what ‘apocalypse;’ is about …. a revealing of the true nature of stuff …. maybe not the apocalyptic subject of films like The Road, The Book of Eli, Daybreakers or Red Dawn which give us concern for the future …. but the lifting of the veil that will set us all free

something worth looking forward to then!

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