ascension reality?

Today is Ascension Day.
It’s not a day I have ‘grown up’ with from my tradition.
It features more that I am now based at a cathedral.
But … its is an interesting ‘event’ and, as Maggi points out, it is an interesting account to approach.

I am not sure what this story is about.
I am not even sure how to explain it.
I’m sure it will mean different things to different people at different times.

I have led morning prayer and the eucharist today where I have been put in a position to have to think a little more about this day and what it means to me.

Today … I think it challenges me.
As Christ ascended and
‘a cloud received him out of their sight’
this story today challenges me to look
above, beyond, ahead.
It reminds me I don’t know what is coming
and in that reminder
I become more aware that things won’t be like this for ever

It encourages me
to lift my eyes up from the ground
to look towards the sky
to see afresh the beauty of creation
and to dream again of how things could be

It’s very easy to become immersed in the everyday
and to lose sight of the reality
that we are part of an amazing creation!

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