a day to contemplate

I enjoyed meeting old friends at the ‘Contemplative spirituality and fresh expressions of church: building contemplative ecclesial communities out of contextual mission‘ day. (Fraser noted the title was too long to tweet – hence my cyber silence yesterday!)

As always a particular highlight was catching up with old friends and listening to their stories of how they struggle with ‘this stuff’ in the places they are called to be. It was also exciting to meet new people and hear new stories. I guess my only complaint for the day would be that it was not long enough to enable as much sharing and catching up as I would have liked – but that is not really a criticism as I thought the day was an excellent day and I returned feeling refreshed, challenged, encouraged and reassured.

There was a lot in the day, but some comments i particular that I recorded as I wish to think about them more:

A need to ‘receive from the space that only God can inhabit‘ – David Cherry

We do not think ourselves into a new way of living, but rather we live ourselves into a new way of thinking‘ – Ian Mobsby

Maybe we need to have the courage to let come what is waiting to come‘ – Ian Adams

I can’t say too much in reflection or response at the moment as I need to think on these, and part of the reason for putting them here is so that I don’t lose them and maybe hear what you think. Podcasts of the talks will soon be posted on the Moot website so that you can hear them for yourself. If you are interested in this and never knew about the day then you might want to sign up at the fresh expressions of the sacramental traditions website.

Thanks Ian, Ian and others, particularly Lou, who worked amazingly throughout the day so it ran so well.

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