we gather together to …

At Sunday’s gathering looking at creation, Howard wrote our opening liturgy which I really enjoyed. I think the way this sounds with the language of ‘openness’ gives some idea of the sort of community we wish to become: a community that travels together, not pretending to be sorted or having all the answers, and not pretending that things do not hurt, but a community that is open to God and each other.

The gathering ‘way’ is for half the group to read aloud one line and the other half to respond with the second line:

We gather together to explore
May we be open to see new perspectives
We gather together in awe of the world around us
May we be open to new insights
We gather together confused by things that happen
May we be open to hear new questions
We gather together to be encouraged
May we be open to each other
We gather together to journey
May we have the space to find our path

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