(not) just another day at the cathedral …

Sunday was a great, rather than ‘just another’, day at the cathedral.

The 10.30, All Age Eucharist, was great fun to be in and, as Bishop Stephen said afterwards ‘it had everything that is good about all age worship’ in the service. A number of my friends in other churches might say ‘big deal’ bit for a cathedral this was, and is, a big deal.

The relaxed tone was set by Bishop Stephen for the service. The choir sang amazingly – but I am biased and they were singing my favourite setting – Chilcott’s Little Jazz Mass which they sang amazingly (as they always do!)

The service was then taken to another level by Neil who spoke amazingly from the floor and engaged everyone in what he was saying and doing with  great amount of serious content as well as humour. Neil was making a cake with different ingredients. To demonstrate that we are all together and equal when he lifted the mixing spoon everyone had to move and sit elsewhere. It was very funny to see the young boys make a dash for the presidents chair on the pulpitum platform. They clearly wanted to be in the limelight (we have an amazing picture but sadly I hesitate to put it on my blog as such things are seem to be unwise in this day and age) and rushed to what they saw to be the ‘important’ places.

Interestingly, a number of the choirs (as well as myself) chose to sit right at the back of the cathedral. I loved the opportunity to be at the back, not on show and able to see everyone else without being seen for a change. It was a light hearted approach to quite a serious topic.

The look fo joy and confusion on peoples faces was quite good to see – and I think the illustration and sermon brought home a good message. The place was certainly ‘buzzing’ with joy afterwards!

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