celebrate the pioneer Patrick

Today is St Patrick’s day – but then you already now that as St Patrick’s day has become a well known and popular date across the world. If I was to choose a favourite saint it would always be St Patrick. People who now me smile at this as I think (I maybe wrong) that they think my delight in marking St patrick’s day has something to do with the occasion being marked with alcohol in a bog way across the world. This is not the main reason – although I am always happy to join with the Guinness and Jameson’s!

St Patrick landed in Ireland as bishop on March 25th 433.That happens to be our wedding anniversary – the 25th March bit, not the 433 bit – although Sarah would probably say it feels like it’s been since 433!

St Patrick was a pioneer – there is no doubt about it. Going to Ireland with the gospel message with the plan to stay in that one area. He didn’t just pop into Ireland, tell a few people, build a church and then pop off somewhere else. He stayed for the rest of his life. Such was his commitment to this group of people. It wasn’t an easy place to work but he loved the people, even up fronting England over it’s treatment of Irish Christians. I also admire the way that St. Patrick used the everyday stuff well – using a shamrock to explain the Trinity.

I think St Patrick would be worried by the ‘one size fits all’ approach employed by many to faith; but I wonder more what he would think of the ‘common’ practice to move priests to new locations every few years. St Patrick stayed in Ireland for 40 years  – it’s that sort of commitment I love about him.

So – go celebrate today – St patrick should be remembered well!

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