old habits …

Today I had an unexpected interruption. I had a phone call from a  young woman asking if she could meet up today to talk about pioneer ministry. Immediately I said I needed to look at my diary – but then laughed at myself as I realised there was nothing in my diary – it is the exception if there is!

It seems old habits die hard. I left YFC two and a half years ago when checking the diary and squeezing time in to get another meeting in was necessary. Today, though, I have space to be with people.

This evening I have been reflecting upon my initial ‘I need to check my diary’ response. Was that really an old habit taking it’s time to die or was it simply myself not wishing to show that my diary is empty? Was it me trying to appear busier than I am? Was it me trying to say I am important and at the centre of my little universe again …. less than 24 hours after Ash Wednesday reminded me that I am a mere person and that it is all about God! Seems there is a loty of work for me to still grab the message and believe it!

I like meeting new people and I was glad to meet up in wetherspoons today to listen to this person’s story and hear about her vision, which is both exciting and hard work … as is all ministry. I really hope and pray that she finds people to support her in this vision.

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