where to now?

The Tautoko weekend was amazing. Great people, great food, great location, great discussions, great wine, great whisky …. and amazing cocktails!

The conversations and networking are always the best part of any get together – and that is what this weekend was full of; no sessions with ‘experts’ or ‘specialists’ telling us what we should think. Instead, a series of conversations around the questions that we brought with us as a result of who we are, where we are and what we are doing.

There were so many great group and 1:1 conversations that I still need to think more about but I guess I was particularly caused to think in the first group conversation I took part in which was something like ‘where do we go next missionally and how do we encourage each other. Someone suggested that Liberation Theology has something to offer us here. Liberation Theology makes an assumption that there is something in need of liberating in every situation, and so asks the question of each context, ‘what needs liberating here?’

So … I have started to think, in the situations I am working in, what is there that needs liberating …. and what does it need liberating from? If I am called to serve the people and within the situations I come across then asking ‘what here needs liberating’ is probably a good question to be asking. It certainly helps me with that ‘what now/next?’ question that seems to keep propping up in a world where I increasingly see less of what is coming just around the corner. The upside of that is that there are lots of surprises!

There is more to come … but I am off for coffee to think a little more on this liberation stuff …

… but before I do I want to say THANKS to everyone that was there …. this is by far one of the best Christian gatherings I have ever been to … simply due to its relevance, its openness and everyones acceptance that we are all in this together and all learning together …. thanks for being such a great bunch of people!

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