temples alone but church together

I really enjoyed the gathering today. Lots of people were involved in the creation of what happened and I really love this as it means that i am always made to think differently about something. Unusually for us we took just one verse, 1 Corinthians 6:19, to look at today and particularly asked ourselves what does the text really mean when he says our bodies are temples.

We chatted and shared a lot, but two ideas came out of our discussing that I have been thinking about for the rest of the day. The first came from the idea that tempes were built by people as places for their gods to show off. The building was dedicated to a particular god and everything about the building was an expression of worship to that God. This was a place to show off for the god.

If my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit how do I show that off?

During our time together we set the task of getting ourselves into a living sculture of a temple. This was a creative and funny time but also challenging. It became very clear very quickly that we needed each other to help illustrate everything we thought a temple should display … things such as love, worship of a king, a saviour, a creator, trinity …. and the list could go on.

We are temples alone, but we are the church together and need each other to be able to more fully express the love of God.

I think today marked a change in outlook for the gathering in how we work with each other and express together the love of Christ …. I look forward to where we may be going next!

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