racing around

The weekend, well Saturday, has been a hectic one with me racing to different parts of the diocese.

It started with speaking about my role at a prayer breakfast at St. Augustines Bromley Common. It was a great breakfast and the conversations I had with people before I spoke were excellent as well. The people there seemed very interested and had some very good questions. (Thanks Kev for the opportunity)

I then hopped in the car to join Diocesan Synod which was being held in St. John’s Tunbridge Wells to again talk about my role as part of the Mission and Unity report. This was a good opportunity for me to share the reality of my role and what I have been doing for the last 2 years. I think that one of the downside of the Fresh Expressions marketing is that pioneer ministry is seen by some as exciting and full of fun … it’s ‘sexy’ ministry as someone in the diocese said to me not that long ago. I ended my report by sharing that this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do (even harder than working with knife carrying gangs when we did detached youth work!) and that most of the time I felt vulnerable, isolated, tired …. in other words pioneer ministry is just hard work like any other ministry and work. But … this is what I am called to and I love it! (Thanks Jean and Paul for the opportunity)

I think the people there ‘got’ what I was trying to share and I was certainly encouraged by comments afterwards.

After synod I jumped back in the car to race (well …. as far as you can race in a Citroen C1!!) back to GIllingham and arrived in time to watch Gills unluckily score a 0-0 draw against Oxford before then heading for the cathedral to be quiz master at the cathedral quiz …. which was a good way to end a long day with lots of laughter and banter! (So … finally thanks for the opportunity there Lynn and Colin!

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