what’s coming through the door?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays my day starts with Morning Prayer (as it does most days) before I then walk around Rochester praying. Rochester High Street at 8.30am is an interesting time,  quiet, although never empty with deliveries happening or people rushing for trains.  I tend to take my camera with me on my prayer walk as I find having a camera with me helps me to look around what has become a very familiar environment in a fresh way.

Today I took this picture of Deanery Gate as I was wandering on my prayer walk. I find gateways, doorways, quite ‘interesting’ as I walk around this historical place of Rochester. As I was looking and contemplating this morning I was struck first by my thinking of how many thousands of people have walked through this gate since it’s 15th. century installation, each on their own personal journey.

I was then struck my a new thought. Doors are two-way. Often I think about what is on the other side of the door, and walking through doorways. This morning, however, with the sunlight pouring through the gate towards me, I started to consider what might be coming from the other side of the door towards me.

If we simply walk through doors in search of our ‘destiny’ or the next job then we may be in danger of missing something. That something or someone could be in need of our attention, or be in possession of something to pass on to us.

In the past I have always thought about pushing doors and see if they open for me. It has been a language that has been used with me, and I have used it with others, when thinking about our life journeys and decisions and such like.  I think God may have challenged me on that today.

Maybe, just maybe, he is calling me to simply wait on this side of the door and see what comes through.
Exciting and scary at the same time …. so … for now …. I dwell by the door and wait …. wondering!

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