available to serve

Today was another day of privileges in this role I have in Rochester.
I got to spend time with some great people and chat.

At around 3.00pm today we had a call from the vergers saying there was a young man in the cathedral that wanted someone to pray with him. I went over to meet the guy, of about 30, who shared his whole life and ‘stuff’ he was struggling with before he asked me to pray for him. We prayed together … and I hope things work out for him.

In all of this as I reflet upon my role and ask ‘what am I here for?’ it still amazes me the level of trust that total strangers will place upon me simply because I am a priest in the Church of England. What amazes me more is that people still come into a church building, such as Rochester Cathedral, seeking help. People argue that many see the cathedral as ‘just’ a historical building … well that may be so but today shows that people also see it as a place where spirituality is still very much alive.

As I seek to create something new with those from the gathering, I guess a question we need to ask is how do we make ourselves available to support those like that young man today who wanted someone to pray with him. There are many that will not come to a church building …. so how do we let them know we are available to serve?

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