weekend of highlights

The weekend went pretty quickly which is no surprise as it was a weekend of ‘highlights’.

It started off on Friday night with a trip to the BFI to see Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, a stunning film which, although 3 hours long, flew by and was over far too quickly. The BFI is running a great season of Audrey films if you want to catch one.

Saturday was a unique day in that ALL the Ryans went to see The Gills play. We beat Northampton 1-0 which was a well deserved 3 points. It was ‘interesting’ having Sarah with us and the boys are still analysing whether we toned down our behaviour in their mothers presence!

Sunday, however, was the major highlight of the weekend with Thomas, our cute little firstborn, turning 17. I reflect on the 17 years and wonder where they all went. It’s quite weird as I feel I have been ordained for ages (even though it is only two and a half years) whereas Tom’s birth seems like just yesterday as I can clearly remember every single detail of that amazing day 17 years ago. A large part of the weekend has seen a number of people telling my how lovely Tom is … it makes you even more proud to hear others acknowledge what you can see.

The downside and fear of this day is that Tom is now old enough to start driving lessons! The upside … soon he will be able to give me lifts and pick me up from places! We are proud of you Tom!

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