gathering into 2011

The gathering got together for the first time in 2011 in the Crypt today. We started the new year by celebrating communion together after considering the journey which I have used and blogged about before here. This was a moving and challenging experience for us as we thought about where we were with God, and where we would like to be.

We have developed a ‘habit’ of sharing communion while we stand around the stone altar in the crypt which means the time is quite intimate as we share bread and wine together. It seems we are able to capture something of the joy of this meal as well as the sacredness in this setting. I find this, again, is a powerful way to share, but I guess we will lose this intimacy when and if we grow.

We ended our time together by chatting about what we think we should be looking at over the next year after we reminded ourselves what the gathering is about (here if you are not sure). I think we have the start of a challenging and intriguing program … so watch this space.

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