Sing your own song!

One of the real privileges of my role is that I get to mix traditional with pioneering and so experience many different aspects of life and worship that I may not otherwise experience. A cathedral, of all places, is a great place to experience the best of what we would call traditional, although I could well argue that some of the what our musicians do is pretty pioneering and innovative so that it cause you to pause and be struck afresh by some aspect of God.

Earlier this week I attended the cathedral carol service. Our choirs always produce a beautifully amazing sound but during thee carol service I experienced something new and different. At one point during the service the choir were standing very close to me which enabled me to hear each individual voice as well as the ‘one sound’. Each voice was unique, beautiful and noticeably different from each other. Together they were fantastic, but on this evening it was the individual voices that got me thinking and through which God challenged me.

As I walked home that evening from the station (skating / flying part of the way but that’s a story for another time) I reflected on this and thought each of us has our own distinct voice. The bible talks of the sheep following the shepherd because they know his voice. Our voice is probably as distinct and unique to us as our fingerprints are.

Our task, in our lives, is to find our own voice, to sing our own song .. to make our own individual contribution. Too foten we are guilty of trying to copy others, or wish to be like others. Sometimes we spend so much time envying others that we miss out totally on the beauty that we personally have.

What we have is distinct and unique to us … and no matter what we may think of it, God can take and join with it to make something we think ordinary simply stunning!

We simply need to find our voice and sing our song …. and see what happens.

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