god with us

It’s been a week since I last blogged so I guess it has been a pretty busy time, a large part of the week thinking about preaching yesterday and thinking about Emmanuel and what that means for us today. The lectionary gospel for yesterday was Matthew 1:18-25. It was tempting to look at the character of Joseph here but I was particularly struck by Matthew’s use of the Isaiah prophecy which talks of waiting for a child born to a virgin, called Emmanuel. But … as we all know this child was called Jesus!

I’m not going to preach here, if you really want to know what I said … you will be able to read the sermon here on the cathedral website in the next couple of days.

I talked about Emmanuel being more of a title than an actual name … and a title that describes what Jesus was actually about. Emmanuel means ‘God with us’ and I suggested that the whole point of this gospel was to show that Jesus is God with us … all the time. The very last words of the gospel are words from Jesus promising to be with us for ever …. that would be Emmanuel then!

Jesus came to be God with us, and that is a pretty amazing thing to think about.

I guess that simple fact challenges me as I try to get my head around what that means.

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