a generous people

The service on Saturday to install Bishop james was a pretty special time. The symbolism was quite powerful … knocking on the door to be allowed in, being anointed in the nave by others in the diocese, picking up his crozier from the High Altar – all powerful moments in the service. There is a report from the BBC here.

During his sermon Bishop James said some interesting things. He spoke a little about the hard times and the temptation, or saying, ‘to help your own’ in such times. He outlined how it is easy to become ‘closed handed’ at such times while we hold on to what we have. Instead, Bishop James suggested that at times like this we really did need to be ‘open handed’ and enthusiastic in our generosity as God is enthusiastic is his generosity.

He ended by talking about statements that dioceses like to make about themselves in mission statements etc. He ended by saying:

‘The Diocese of Rochester; a generous people …. but only if we mean it!’

I like this thinking and look forward in hope and longing to being a part of a generous diocese that is exuberant in its generosity to those in our communities … so that people can really have life, and life to the full! (John 10:10)

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