It’s been a good end to a busy week.

I have concluded my week with a mixture of traditional ‘vicary’ type stuff. One such thing was the leading of one of the Medway Primary Schools carol concerts. These three events had choirs from 10 local schools and their teachers and parents coming to watch and listen. One of the great things about the cathedral is the welcome and service we can offer to the local community. I love seeing the look of awe and winder of peoples faces as they come into the cathedral which for most of them is the very first time.

Many of these people are unaware that they can come to the cathedral at any time – we need somehow to get the message across that this place is here for all.

The week ended, though, in the way I love the week to be – with people. Over the last 2 days I have been in the wonderful position of being able to chat and hear the stories of some amazing people that make up the city of Rochester. Some of those conversations have been over dinner, some over beer, and others over coffee – it’s a hard life!

One of the amazing things about being attached to the cathedral. or seen as part of ‘the institution’ is that people have some form of trust. I’ve been in so many conversations with people over the last 48 hours which have left me in awe and wonder of the amazing life stories that people have. It really is an amazing privilege to be where I am at the moment.

I can look back over the week and think ‘I love my job’! but I really hope that I can maintain this people focus. It is so easy to become bogged down in activity and forget that I, as a Church of England priest, am ordained to serve people …. please if you know me, keep reminding me of that!

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